about k tailor

K tailor is a local tailoring business centered out of Chaska, Minnesota. The company was started and is owned by Russian immigrants Valeriy and Zina Karpitskiy. While Valeriy takes care of the business-side of things, Zina is the tailor.

Growing up in the Soviet Union, Zina loved sewing as a child. She started out with scraps and old clothes from her mother and sister and re-made the garments to fit her style and personality. She later went on to pursue a degree in Textile-work. Later, Zina married Valeriy and the two started a children's clothing line and a family of their own. In 1993 the family moved to the United States, and after she became a mother herself, Zina made clothing for her kids.

She now serves the Twin Cities with her 25 years of experience, taking great care to see that each garment is stiched up with good quality. For Zina it's no longer about fixing clothes, but about doing what she loves and making others look and feel great in their clothes while she does it.